Loose Leaf to Profits

Local to online marketing


Zens tea is a business that started in the early 2000s. They lay down roots in their hometown of Whittier Ca. Originally 80% of their revenue came from local farmer’s markets. These farmer markets sold everything from locally sourced fruit & vegetables to handmade candles & body wash. Zens tea operated in the majority of farmer’s markets throughout southern California. New to the online world of selling they were seeking a new way to reach their customers besides the farmer markets.

Our Roles

Video, Photography, Facebook & Instagram Ads


Transferring offline selling to online selling during Covid.


Creating the first online offer for Zens: Our team starts with 3 core types of information from our clients before creating the offer. 1st we establish the company values, what image does the company have and what to amplify. 2nd What are the top-selling products? We let the customers tell us what they love, no guessing just data. 3rd We find the biggest problems and match the solutions to a specific product.

After gathering this data we put a conclusion together. We decided to bundle the 3 best teas for immunity with a buy 1 get 2 deal. This deal was initiated to get an intro sale and break-even while paying for ads, product & product shipping. This deal was great because the current climate of the market had fear of getting sick from the current outbreak. So we angle this for people wanting a product that supports immunity naturally during uncertain times. Not only did this meet a great problem but we offer it as a small bundle with a low price point to highly consider purchasing the product. This offer was great because it introduces many customers to Zens Tea who wouldn’t have found them otherwise.

Best Sellers>Major Market Problem>Solution

Stats & Results 

Impressions 14.39 Million 

Video 3 Second  Views 2.29 Million

25,342 Purchase

6,250 Customers Gain