The Car Giveaway

Apparel Car Giveaway Study


Apparel generates billions A year in revenue, so tapping into this market would be highly competitive without a competitive edge.

Our competitive edge has been giveaways.
Car giveaways for exchange of product purchases has been proven to improve conversions rates from 2.37% to 3.83%. Adding any kind of prizes add to the total cost of the campaign, so being mindful of spend to calculate total cost of the campaign.

Type of giveaways should be valued highly to the target market. For example your business helps sell travelling packages. A prize should be a trip for 2 to Costa rica or a popular location your clients book already.

Our main issue was our audience. Being mostly millennials who are a part of similar giveaways that have been rumored to be “rigged” we had a lot to prove to gain their trust. Not only that, our message had to speak to that audience in a way that they feel that they are of something bigger.

Our Plan

Build the perfect avatar- Understand who is buying.

Have products agree with their values – Craft our message around the beliefs.
Match the prize in their eyes- Our goal was to get excited for the giveaway.
Build trust with communication- Emails, social & Youtube updates.

Action on this plan resulted in us building a base of engaged fans who counted down the day till the giveaway. One of our successes was being in front of customers from all mediums throughout the sales process.

Our Roles

Our Roles Facebook & Instagram Ads
Planning,Video Editing, Facebook & Instagram Ads

Challenge Converting new buyers. Selling to an audience who doesn’t trust giveaways.


Building trust by staying relevant and communicating.


Impressions 44.34 Million 

Video Views 26.54 Million

Entries 102.12K